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“Step Into the Story of Scripture”

The Voice Bible, “Step into the Story of Scripture” This new translation from Thomas Nelson is incredible! The subtitle says it all, by reading Scripture presented in this narrative format, one is completely immersed into the dialogue of biblical characters. … Continue reading

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For Church Champions by the Master Consultant

   The Interventionist (1997) by Lyle E. Schaller In The Interventionist, Lyle Schaller has written masterpiece for those aspiring church consultants, ministry leaders, and pastors alike. Focused on helping change agents bring health to a congregation, Schaller advocates the consulting … Continue reading

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Frank Viola’s New Book: Beyond Evangelical

Frank Viola’s new book “Beyond Evangelical” has just released. Here’s the book description: Recent studies indicate that evangelical Christians are known by the world as people who are narrow-minded, judgmental, self-righteous, legalistic, callous, hard-hearted, politically partisan, and quick to attack their own. Why … Continue reading

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